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Williams Landing's most exciting way to get fit!

At MyoFitness Training Studio - Personal Trainer Williams Landing, you'll get a training experience like never before.

Our expert trainers, Emma and Michael, have brought together the world's best training methods to help you reach your goals faster.

Myofitness - Personal Trainer Williams Landing understands that when it comes to your goals, whether they are to loose weight, get fitter or recover from injury, there is no "one size fits all" training system. After many years of experience, Emma and Michael have developed the Myofitness exercise system, guaranteed to challenge your current thinking about exercise and leave you begging for more!

Want to look around? We'd love to meet you! Just call us (03) 8360 3950 to make a time - no obligation, no pressure.


About MyoFitness - Personal Trainer Williams Landing

At MyoFitness Training Studio - Personal Trainer Williams Landing we help people live healthier and happier lives, with less pain.

How do we do it?
By giving them constant support and sharing our knowledge and experience. We inspire our clients to take on new challenges and achieve more than they thought possible.

The idea of personal training or group training can be scary. You’ve probably seen personal trainers on TV who adopt a bootcamp approach. Their main motivational tool seems to be screaming at their clients.

Personal Training at MyoFitness Williams Landing is different.

At MyoFitness - Personal Trainer Williams Landing we challenge you to stretch your boundaries. But we inspire and encourage rather than shout at our clients. Are first concern is always to make sure your training is appropriate for your body, so you are not putting your health in danger.

Your results are what we care about at MyoFitness. To ensure you reach your goals, we begin by finding out as much information as possible, short term and long term goals, work life balance, injuries, current and past exercise, trials and tribulations from past exercise, and so on. Then we take you through our assessment and from the results of this and your goals we develop an exercise plan to guarantee you get the results you want.

Group Training at MyoFitness Williams Landing

Training in a small group is a great way to get fit. It saves you money and gives you extra support and motivation.

Most of our group training clients have had exercise experience, whether training in a gym or on their own. Most of these clients have reached a plateau in their training or have just become bored and unmotivated.

MyoFitness group training gives you accountability and progressive training with guaranteed results. And because you get a different session every time you come, you'll never get bored!

You can start your own group with friends or family members or join existing group clients at the studio.
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Personal Trainer Williams Landing

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Personal Trainer Williams Landing
(03) 8360 3950
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